Kootenay Kids Society is a non-profit community service organization.

Who We Are

We started out in 1971 as the Nelson Family Day Care Society, a collection of child care homes for children with diverse abilities. We have stretched and grown, and now operate multiple programs with over 50 full and part-time staff and five worksites in Nelson.

Kootenay Kids Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet monthly to review operational issues, and provide direction and guidance to the Executive Director. The Executive Director oversees the Society’s day-to-day operation and ensures parents receive high quality services, sound management of the society’s resources, and a healthy workplace for staff.

What We Do

Kootenay Kids Society remains true to its roots, and we continue to support and strengthen families. Funded largely by government contracts, we deliver a wide range of programs and services including licensed child care, Aboriginal family programs, and resources for child care providers, physiotherapy and occupational therapy for young children, a wide range of parent education programs, and opportunities for families to meet socially and connect with each other.

WhY We Do It

Kootenay Kids Society honours Indigenous culture by recognizing that children hold a sacred place. And as adults, we have a sacred responsibility to care for them.



Aanyta Fahrenbruch

I am an early childhood educator with 40 years of experience of working and teaching in the field. I worked for Kootenay Kids in several capacities as an employee before joining the board as a director. My decision to join the board was motivated by my positive experiences as an employee. I simply wanted to give back to the society that had been my family for over a decade. I also wanted to bring a strong voice for early child development and families to the board. I represent Selkirk College and the early childhood care and education program in my work as a director.

Aaron Ander

I am the Treasurer at Kootenay Kids society and has been serving on the board since 2019.  Prior to volunteering with the board, I worked as a staff member at KKS family place for three years and have also been a client of the organization since 2008. I am currently completing my bachelor’s degree in health and community services with the School of Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria. I have a background in holistic health and nutrition and has a private practice as a health consultant in Nelson. Working with the board of KKS, I aim to bring all aspects of health and the social determinants of health to the work that we do as an organization, to improve the health of our families in this community.  

Alison Salo

I am an instructor in the Early Childhood Care and Education program at Selkirk College and have been an early childhood educator in the West Kootenays for many years. As a parent, I accessed family and community early years programs. As an early childhood educator, I utilized the workshops and resources available through the Child Care Resource and Referral program and have also been a Kootenay Kids Society employee. I am a Kootenay Kids Society board member because I have a personal and professional understanding of the importance of supporting children, families and the early years professionals in our community. I believe in the important work that is carried out by all Kootenay Kids Society staff and am happy to have the opportunity to support as a member of the board.

Matt Hanlon

I was introduced to KKS through my daughter Olive who is now two-and-a-half. She told me about the wonderful care and learning she experiences during her days at ECLC. To see a child in such good hands is truly heart warming. I accepted an invitation to join the board in 2020. I operate a construction business in Nelson. I hope to offer my skills in business to strengthen and further KKS in its goals of supporting families, children and the amazing staff.

Robin Rowley

I am the Chair of the Kootenay Kids board, and a new member of the Kootenays community. When planning my move in the summer of 2021, I started looking for childcare for my son and was immediately struck by the breadth and depth of the Kootenay Kids Society resources. After learning more about the organization, I knew I wanted to help in any way I could. Outside of my primary role as a parent, I have 15 years’ experience leading marketing and communications at a range of companies from tech start ups and travel giants to ecommerce enterprises and global apparel brands. 

Skye-Lea Farr

I’m one of the few people I know who actually likes the smell tomato greens leave on my fingers. Most people use gloves, but not me, no way! I am Salish from Lytton, British decent from Northumberland and German Mennonite. We got pushed around a bit, but my ancestors settled in Chihuahua, Mexico. My grandma was the first in her large family to learn any other language than German. I am a mom and starting a community, child-centred café in Nelson. I joined the KKS board in November 2021 and am excited to see where this leads. I have benefitted from many of the programs, the daycare and lots of resources offered by KKS over the past 6 years. and I am happy to be able give back. My background is in childcare. I have worn many different hats and am thrilled to be putting on the business owner hat from now on.

Maggie Keczan

I am the vice chair of the Kootenay Kids board. The Kootenays are a special place to raise a family, and the vibrant, caring community is truly unique. I am a parent whose family has been positively impacted by programming offered through the Kootenay Kids Society. My background in marketing and communications will support the work of this amazing board and organization. I am passionate about community connections and excited to contribute.  I currently work as the Director of Communications & Public Engagement for Selkirk College. Personally, I resonate with the idea of respectful and wholistic learning and guiding children in love, care and respect. I am honoured to serve as vice-chair of the Kootenay Kids board.

While the joys of raising children are real, most of us will also experience challenges, feelings of frustration, or self-doubt at one time or another.

By leaning on each other, and respectfully learning from one another, we can all benefit. It takes community to raise children and nurture families. Please let Kootenay Kids Society be part of your community.